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How will Struggling Homeowners Make-out with out HAMP

The Obama loan modification has expired. This means that homeowners who need to modify their mortgage due to a financial hardship will not have the same support that homeowners in the same situation have benefited from over the last 5 years or so. Continue reading

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Well… Less Foreclosure – I’m Back

I use to post here all the time. I had an affection for this blog. Suppose I still do. Something about the design maybe. Or maybe because folks actually read this thing from time to time. I just read a comment that hit my heart on Bank of America I was so sad it was so long ago and I’ve just now seen it. Any ways I hope to start posting articles here again real soon.

PS I love great blogs about financial matters especially around finance and there is one great Finance Blog we all should read there in the link.

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Don’t Pay Thousands For A Loan Modification

You can stop foreclosure with loan modification. I think most of us know this by now. Continue reading

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California Loan Payment Assistance for Unemployed Homeowners

The state of California has a loan payment help program for unemployed homeowners who meet the basic qualifications for the CA foreclosure prevention assistance programs created with the funds given to the state by the Hardest Hit Fund. Continue reading

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Mortgage Modification Help

Modification of Mortgages

Mortgage modification will stop foreclosure.A mortgage modification is the product of modifying or altering the term of a mortgage. Mortgage modification is a loss mitigation tool used to save troubled mortgages. Through mortgage modification a homeowner is able to reduce the monthly payments on the mortgage as well as the mortgage principle. Mortgage modification is growing in popularity because of the favorable terms a Loan Modification can produce for the Homeowners mortgage.

But how does a Homeowner obtain a mortgage modification for their mortgage? Continue reading

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Finding Hope Admidst Financial Hardship

Finding Hope and Positive Trends Amidst the Aftermath of Financial Hardship and the Resulting Economic Turmoil

Many American homeowners are having trouble making their monthly home loan payments. This is no surprise to most. The turmoil of financial hardship in this country are no longer kept quiet. We are all aware of the housing and home loan crisis. Continue reading

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Credit Card Wars: Obama V.S. The Credit Card Industry

President Obama has had it out for the Credit Card industry for quite some time. In fact for years president Obama has talked of a hypothetical Credit Card Holder bill of Rights. Continue reading

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Debt is nothing new to anything American. The national debt is steadily on the rise and speeding up. The American consumer has loads of debt. Continue reading

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New Bridge Loan Mortgage Assistance Program

The US Government mortgage assistance efforts are hard at work. HUD is pushing out another billion dollar loan help program.

The new program is a HUD bridge loan program for homeowners. Continue reading

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Big Banks Stop Foreclosure Sales

Banks Delay Foreclosures Until Further Notice

Many of the bigger banks are going to stop foreclosure proceedings in all 50 states. Continue reading

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Benefits of Delaying Foreclosure

There arew many benefits that one can realize by simply delaying the foreclosure on ones home. Continue reading

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Bank of America Mortgage Help

Bank of America is big. I don’t need to tell you that.

It may not surprise you to hear that they are servicing an enormously large population of mortgages. You may and perhaps most likely have a mortgage with BoA or Country Wide Mortgage which was purchased by, and is now, Bank of America. This enormously large banking and lending institution has its hands full of troubled mortgage loans.

Homeowners need mortgage help with Bank of America home loans. That is a fact, (and an obvious one at that) there is no question or argument about the matter. The real question on everyone’s mind (well at least those of us that have a BoA mortgage) is this… Continue reading

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