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How will Struggling Homeowners Make-out with out HAMP

The Obama loan modification has expired. This means that homeowners who need to modify their mortgage due to a financial hardship will not have the same support that homeowners in the same situation have benefited from over the last 5 years or so. Continue reading

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Mortgage Modification Help

Modification of Mortgages

Mortgage modification will stop foreclosure.A mortgage modification is the product of modifying or altering the term of a mortgage. Mortgage modification is a loss mitigation tool used to save troubled mortgages. Through mortgage modification a homeowner is able to reduce the monthly payments on the mortgage as well as the mortgage principle. Mortgage modification is growing in popularity because of the favorable terms a Loan Modification can produce for the Homeowners mortgage.

But how does a Homeowner obtain a mortgage modification for their mortgage? Continue reading

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Bank of America Mortgage Help

Bank of America is big. I don’t need to tell you that.

It may not surprise you to hear that they are servicing an enormously large population of mortgages. You may and perhaps most likely have a mortgage with BoA or Country Wide Mortgage which was purchased by, and is now, Bank of America. This enormously large banking and lending institution has its hands full of troubled mortgage loans.

Homeowners need mortgage help with Bank of America home loans. That is a fact, (and an obvious one at that) there is no question or argument about the matter. The real question on everyone’s mind (well at least those of us that have a BoA mortgage) is this… Continue reading

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Stop Foreclosure: Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Refinance and Stop Foreclosure

The best way for any homeowner to avoid foreclosure is to refinance their mortgage loan and stop foreclosure. Though a mortgage refinance is often in the Homeowners best interest and option to avoid or stop foreclosure it is often the hardest or most difficult of all foreclosure alternatives or methods of foreclosure prevention to obtain. The reason for this is fairly straight forward; homeowners who need to stop foreclosure are usually in some sort of financial distress and not prime lending material in the eyes of lenders. Continue reading

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Bank of America Helping Homeowners Retain Home Ownership

Bank of America, like many of today’s big American banks , is and will from time to time boast about their efforts to help the American homeowner stop foreclosure and retain home ownership. Well from the best that I can tell it seems as if that is exactly what Bank of America is doing.

Bank of  America is Helping the American Homeowner Retain Home Ownership through Loan Modification Continue reading

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Foreclosure Hope: Reference of Hope to Struggling Homeowners

I have an announcement of foreclosure hope

There is help out there for homeowners. There is an organization that is both affordable and effective, which in their line of business is very rare. Continue reading

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Foreclosure Sales Drop – 4 Month Trend

The Number of foreclosure sales dropped in november from the month earlier. This is the fourth month in a row that the number of foreclosure ssles have dropped. This is good news…right? Continue reading

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Loss Mitigation: Stop Foreclosure

Preventing Foreclosure through Loss Mitigation Negotiations

Continue reading

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Hope For Homeowners: a new hope and a new man with a slightly different plan

President Obama and his Administration has just announced a new part of the Making Home Affordable Plan. He has signed a new act to be known as Helping Families Save Their Homes Act. The purpose of this addition to the Obama homeowner assistance plan is to tweak the guidance and terms of the Hope For Homeowners Plan. The changes will make the failed Homeowner assistance and mortgage refinance program user-friendly and ultimately effective. Continue reading

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Loan Modification: Sending Your Financial Package

Many Homeowners want to obtain a loan modification.

To obtain a loan modification a lender will have to look through your current financial situation. To do this you need to prepare a package for the lender.

what should my loan modification financial pack contain?

Continue reading

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Stop Our Foreclosure Blog

Stop Foreclosure Blog is an acknowledgment of the out cry from American Homeowners who are suffering through foreclosure and other related hardships that have swept this injured country clear off it’s feet ending in the current face plant mess of an economy we inhabit and obsess about. Continue reading

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