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Foreclosure Prevention


This blog post is for Homeowners who want to learn, share, read, or write about foreclosure prevention or anything related.

Foreclosure Prevention – To stop foreclosure. As well as all activities done with the intention and purpose of stopping a foreclosure.

Commonly a Homeowner may attempt to obtain a loan modification or a forbearance agreement as a foreclosure alternative or form of foreclosure prevention.

Actions and activities technically constituting as foreclosure prevention services or foreclosure consulting

  • To stop or postpone a Homeowner’s sale or foreclosure
  • To get any forbearance agreement from a beneficiary of the loan or mortgage
  • Negotiating any sort of mortgage reinstatement plan
  • Negotiating short-term plan on the Homeowners behalf as the extra allowance of time needed to reinstate the loan
  • Obtaining any waiver of an acceleration clause
  • Assisting a homeowner in obtaining a loan or any sort of funding to prevent foreclosure
  • Saving a homeowners residence from foreclosure

June 29, 2010 - Posted by | finance

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  1. Yeah I am curious what the heck is a waiver to an acceleration clause?

    Is that something to do with the judicial foreclosure process?

    Comment by Young Finance Guy | June 29, 2010 | Reply

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