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Debt Help

Assistance for those overwhelmed with their financial obligations.

It never ceases to amaze me. That invisible ball and chain of stress, anxiety, confusion, fear, and depression. It’s almost as if it talks to you, taunts you with slander that calls you worthless, and irresponsible. Every time that phone rings with another debt collector it says i told you so.

This looming nightmare is your debt. The hardship of debt will hammer away at everything good in your life if you let it. Though life with too much debt is similar to a slow death by drowning, there is help, there is a way out of debt.

What is Debt Help?

Debt help is the help and other actions that aid someone’s efforts to get solutions to solve their debt hardships.
There is a clear path to a life free of the misery and chains of debt. There is a life where you live debt free. We ask you to commit to this life of financial freedom.

Directions to Financial Freedom

Identify Problem

You need to itemize your debt and financial obligations and rank them in terms of the following variables…

  • Principle Balance
  • Monthly Payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Importance of Timely Payments – Severity of Default Consequences
  • Stress Level of Debt – Personal Preferences

Identify necessary Debt Solutions

You must find which kind of debt help and debt solutions you need to solve your debt problems. For instance if you are dealing with extremely high mortgage payments because of a recent mortgage interest rate reset then perhaps a loan modification through the Home Affordable Modification Program would prove beneficial.

You may need more than one. You may have a lot of credit card debt that you need to do something about. In such a scenario a debt consolidation loan may help you.

Plan Monthly Budget

You need to make two budgets. the first should show your current spending habits and the second should show a modified budget that reflects improvements you can make to your current spending habits.

Obtain Debt Help and Utilize Debt Solutions

Start doing what you need to do to get the debt help you need.

Stick With It By Helping Others

Stick with the financial plan of action you have created by following through with the debt solution agreements and improved budget that you have created.

A great method to stay on top of this kind of stuff is to seek others who need help as you did and help them though the early stages of planning and finding debt help. Just being there for them emotionally, as support, can be crucial to both your financial recovery as well as their financial recovery.

Stay Grateful – Live Humble – Share Your Life of Financial Freedom

Remember how stressful a life amidst the chaos of debt and financial turmoil can be. Stay on top of your personal finances. Help others when you can.

The Availability of Debt Help for Those in Financial Hardship is Essential for a Healthy Economy

June 30, 2010 - Posted by | finance

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  1. WoW Guy….

    That was deep, in a werid way.

    Never been moved by debt solution type of stuff. I guess there is a first for everything.

    – finance guy

    Comment by Finance Guy | July 24, 2010 | Reply

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