Stop Foreclosure

For The American Homeowner

Finding Hope Admidst Financial Hardship

Finding Hope and Positive Trends Amidst the Aftermath of Financial Hardship and the Resulting Economic Turmoil

Many American homeowners are having trouble making their monthly home loan payments. This is no surprise to most. The turmoil of financial hardship in this country are no longer kept quiet. We are all aware of the housing and home loan crisis.

Though most of the consequences of over spending and borrowing are negative, if you look closely, you can find a bright spot here and there.

One bright spot is the new awareness and trend of proactive homeowners and consumers. Borrowers who need help due to a financial hardship are taking steps to tackle their financial hardships earlier and sooner than was typical of past behavior.

Borrowers are taking action sooner, and they are able to stop the bleeding earlier. They also are able get the help they need sooner. This means better credit, lower payments, and an all around healthier economy and American consumer.

Let us hope that with the new year more homeowners will be able to stop foreclosure and a cure to what must seem like hopeless hardship.

January 1, 2011 - Posted by | finance


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  2. I am a former practicing lawyer and economist. Three months ago a friend of mine who owns a multi-million dollar home informed me that he was endanger of losing his home and asked me to help. I started researching foreclosure issues. I looked at over 12,000 pages of foreclosure related treatises, reports and legal pleadings. The result? I am found a fatal flaw in the process by which major banks and other financial institutions securitize the debt that is created when a financial institution makes a mortgage loan to a borrower. This flaw destroys the ability of the bank to foreclose on the property or sue on the mortgage note. Which means most of the people who are currently in foreclosure do not have to pay the bank and actually own their property free and clear right now.

    I charge $1000 and a mortgage equal to 10% of the current assessed value of your home to provide you with this information. The mortgage I obtain from you is not effective unless I am able to get the bank’s mortgage removed from your house so that you own the house free and clear. The mortgage also does not require a monthly payment, has no interest attached to it, and does not have to be paid to me until you either sell or refinance your house.

    If your home loan has been “securitized,” and you think you are going to have to short sell, for bankrupt or move, you are sooooooo wrong! You can own your home free and clear.

    If interested, email me at

    Comment by Bill | April 20, 2012 | Reply

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