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Homeowner Hardship and writing your Hardship Letter

Talk About Hardship and the Importance the American Homeowner

As millions of Homeowners across America scramble to try and find a solution to there current or looming mortgage and foreclosure troubles the importance of a solid and probable hardship story and even more importantly the importance of a well written and concise hardship letter is often overlooked.

Why is a Hardship Letter so Important?

  • The Mortgage Lender  is not going to touch an application for a loan modification with out a hardship story and letter
  • The hardship letter is what conveys your hardship to your lender and also what many lenders will use to form an opinion about the “quality of consumer” they are dealing with.
  • The hardship letter is a great way for a Homeowner to suggest a mortgage workout proposal to the lender using there logic and language.
  • The occurrence of a hardship and a written hardship letter is required for all Government sponsored programs such as the Make Home Affordable Program and the Hope For Homeowners Program

Safe Measures to Ensure  You Write a Great Hardship Letter

  1. Use a hardship letter template
  2. Read plenty of articles and resources from a variety of sources
  3. Proof read

July 22, 2010 - Posted by | finance

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