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A Looming Debt Default Cloud – Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is mounting. The American consumer is being consumed by the shadows of their own consumption. The minimum payments are reaching the max. The Max balance limit is shrinking with every opportunity credit card companies are presented with.

It almost doesn’t make sense. Just a year or so ago you couldn’t keep the offers away. Then suddenly you can’t front money to loan yourself. This is a dangerous and bizarre market we find ourselves in. The financial world is one in turmoil. The mortgage and housing industry seems to be out cold and the looming title wave of credit card defaults seems unavoidable.

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Hardest Hit Fund – Financial Assistance for Foreclosure Prevention

Obama has given the go ahead for a new wave of housing and mortgage stimulis through the Making Home Affordable Plan. This new program is called the “Hardest Hit Fund“. The foreclosure relief fund will allocate 1.5 billion dollars across five states said to be hit the hardest by the mortgage and housing crisis. Continue reading

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Foreclosure Prevention


This blog post is for Homeowners who want to learn, share, read, or write about foreclosure prevention or anything related.

Foreclosure Prevention – To stop foreclosure. As well as all activities done with the intention and purpose of stopping a foreclosure.

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